Username and Password Information

1. For schools who have already requested to use the Behavioral Health and Public Schools (BHPS) Self-Assessment Tool, a username and password has been assigned and sent to one or more team contact people.

2. For these schools:

  • You can retrieve your username and password using the "RETRIEVE PASSWORD" button on the sign in page.
  • You can change your password using the "CHANGE PASSWORD" button on the sign in page.
  • YOU CAN CREATE USERNAMES AND PASSWORDS for other team members from a button on the home page (available after you sign in).

3. If your school is interested in completing the self-assessment, please request a username and password from Emily Taylor or Rachelle Engler Bennett in the Office of Student and Family Support. Email or call with your interest and provide your name, title, school, district, and if calling - your email address. They can be reached via or 781-338-3010.

4. If you just want to take a look at the screens you may sign in and experiment using the username TEST1 and the password TEST1. Note that only one person can use a username/password at a time, so if someone else is using TEST1 you may get bumped out and need to sign in again. If so, you can use also use TEST2, TEST3, TEST4, or TEST5 as the username/password.

Usernames (for previewing the screens)